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Does the need to redesign rely on emotional responses, aesthetics and performance or all?
Does your website need a redesign ?

Here's some questions to ask yourself when looking at your website and deciding on investing in a site redesign: Is the site fresh and up to date? Is it user friendly? Is it search engine friendly? Does it create a professional image? and most importantly, is it creating leads and/or sales? If you answered "no" to any of these, then a site redesign is recommended. It can make a big difference in your business. There is a difference between good and bad design. Most often these cheap options will cost you more money and never generate enquiries or sales. So you need to know the difference between good and bad designers. .

When looking at the reasons for redesign we also look at:

  • How our website should be adjusted to our current audience?
  • Usability- Key part in conversion - does the user navigate easily? How easy and directly can a user find the information needed?
  • Are we implementing the latest website technologies?
  • Are we collecting sufficient amount of data to better understand the user and the market?
  • How often do we update the website to keep our users interested?
  • Should we add new sections?
  • Do we need a more aggressive approach to improve our conversion?
  • How do our brand perceptions work with our online presence? Or how our website can reinforce our brand position?

The answers to the questions above will serve as a base for website redesign, because Website redesign should not base just on aesthetics, perceptions or feelings. website redesign or new website development should be objective -driven.

Any successful business owner knows the need of having clear business objectives and goals. The same will apply as the need to rearrange and update the website comes. However, every change must be to the satisfaction of users, to answer to the web crawler's demands, search engine and YOU.

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