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Your business website is your brand’s touchpoint. Today, it is imperative to have a result driven websites to Inspire & Engage Consumers for high conversion rate. You hardly get a few seconds to impress your potential clients through a simple, user friendly, fast-loading, and smooth website design.

But how can you impress the audience today? How can you create an outstanding web experience for them? It is impossible to meet the audience’s expectations in milliseconds unless you have the best web designing company in Pune working for you.

Jaguar Solutions a leading web design company in Pune specializes in designing good looking, user friendly, high-impact, highly scalable websites with clear objectives. Our designers, writers, technology professionals and digital marketing team deliver brand experiences to inspire and persuade target audiences.

We work with each client to create an engaging and effective website that drives sales, engages them with CTA, and informs and educates prospects.

Let us create brilliance together.

Simple page layout

A simple design attracts the users to a particular site. With our easy to read fonts, smaller pages, and enough breathing space – customers can check out the required products and make the purchase in a hassle-free manner. If the website is too ornamental, it becomes to find out the required products and relevant information. Research shows, a customer waits for 10 seconds in a website before he decides to check the other websites. You have got to make the most of those 10 seconds.

Website with good navigation

Users prefer a simple design with ease of navigation option. For ease of access, we use easy to find links in all the pages that are interconnected with the other pages. We also include a search tool in all our designed websites so that it is easier for the buyers to search for what they are looking for. We strongly believe in following the three-click rule. If buyers cannot access the required product or service in three easy clicks they don’t wait to find the answer. They jump to the next website.

SEO Friendly Website Designs

As the leading Website Design Company in Pune, we create SEO friendly websites so that your site shows higher in the page rankings and you are able to outrank your competition easily. We do this through the use of specific keywords, relevant content, linking with other relevant sites for better exposure in the world of digital marketing.

Browser And Device Friendly Websites

Responsive web designs are easy to be viewed from any device – desktop to a laptop. At Jaguar Solutions we offer customized responsive web designs to meet your business specifications. For the smooth running of the website, we make it browser friendly too. It runs smoothly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

FAQs for Website Design Company
  1. 1
    Can I update the website myself once it’s built?

    Yes, we offer websites built on content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Shopify etc. You can modify or update website data as per your website needs.

  2. 2
    Can you help me in promoting my website after designing?

    Yes, as a Digital marketing agency, we offer Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social Media marketing services to promote your website.

  3. 3
    Do you work internationally?

    Yes, as a website design company we are serving overseas clients as well. We have already built websites for clients located in Qatar, Australia, US and New Zealand.