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What is Digital Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing is the process of strategic outreach and communications to build more meaningful connections between the patient and healthcare provider. Unfortunately, if your website is not ranking well on Google, most potential customers won’t ever see it, Instead, they will use your competitor’s website that ranks well on the first page of search engines like Google or Bing.

Healthcare Digital marketing seeks to reach potential patients through delivering valuable content, educating patients on their healthcare journey using websites, Search Engine Optimization, social media, paid advertising, content marketing and many more platforms.

Some interesting facts about Healthcare Digital Marketing: 

  • 5% of all Google searches are related to healthcare
  • Searches drive 3X more visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search.
  • In most major healthcare verticals over 60% of patients run a search before scheduling an appointment.

Jaguar Solutions, Your Trusted Digital Marketing Agency for Doctors in Pune, India offers complete Healthcare Digital Marketing Service for Hospitals, Private clinics, and Doctors.

Why Digital Healthcare Marketing?

Start growing your practice today

Leverage the power of your Digital Presence and Digital Marketing strategies for bringing more patients, greater patient engagement, and build your brand.

Effective healthcare marketing strategy can provide the ability to reach potential patients and position you as a thought leader in your specialty.

  • Win more patients
  • Engage your patients
  • Build your Brand
  • Better Patients Experience
  • Educate, inform and Nature Relationship
We Provide the Patients. You Provide the Care

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How to Get Started?

Professionally Designed Website

Your first impression is the last impression…

Your website is first thing to start your Digital Marketing journey. A website is healthcare’s new front door. If your website is not optimized for user experience, it may be the last time a person considers your hospital or healthcare practice.

You should consider following factors to enhance your user experience.

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Online Appointment
  • Website Speed
  • Testimonials
  • Blog
  • Website Structure
  • Payment Gateway
  • Connect with social media platforms
  • Clinic timings

Looking for a professionally designed website for your practice, let’s connect…

Your Reputation Matters, Invest in Patient Reviews

More than 60% of internet user trust online reviews and when it comes to health these nos. go higher. You should be asking your patients to review your service on Google, to build trust in your future potential patients.

We can manage your reputation online by engaging your current patients, can set review sharing mechanism and build trust in your online presence.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer a platform to share your personal data or chatting with friends. Today marketers are considering these platforms to reach their potential patients.   everyone is on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. you can create your hospital’s page to attract, engage and build your reputation on social media.

Paid advertising on social media is a better way to reach the right people who may be looking for your services—even if you’re not already connected.

Paid social media is not about clicking on “Boost Post” button on your business page and setting up the payment methods. You need a professional Healthcare Marketing Agency to handle your paid campaigns as it involves competitors research, audience selection, designing the marketing collaterals, budgeting and account management etc.

How we can help you?

These are just a Few of the Ways We Can Help Your Healthcare Organisation Grow

ESTABLISH: Strategies for Attracting Patients

PROMOTE: Better Patient Engagement

INCREASE: Brand Awareness & Referrals

PRACTICE: Positive Reputation Management

Thus, you got to know the importance of Digital Healthcare Marketing for your practice and how it can have a positive impact on it.

Give us a chance to help you rank in these important local listings so that your website can benefit from a large increase in relevant, quality traffic, therefore increasing patient volume and engage them in long run!

Looking for a , Digital Marketing Services for Doctors, Hospitals or private clinics in Pune? Come to Jaguar Solutions and we will be happy to provide you with all that you need.

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